Karooch Essential oils & Carriers oils; Precious Blends; Hydosols and more!

Dr. Edward Bach's English Wildflower Remedies®

Bailey Flower Essences™

We at Alypsis are dedicated to the pursuit of personal emotional-spiritual growth and physical well being through minute dose botanicals. Our product lines include the English Wildflower Remedies® of Dr. Edward Bach, the Bailey Flower EssencesTM of Arthur Bailey PhD and Karooch Essential Oils. We also offer the following:

  1. 3-module correspondence course titled, "The Flower Preparations of Dr. Edward Bach"
  2. Private labeling service for Dr. Bach's wildflower remedies
  3. Private labeling and blending service for our quality essential oils
  4. Essential oils in bulk quantities

We are delighted to now offer The Living Tree Orchid Essences Aura & Space Clearing Sprays & Essences: Please look under the shopping menu for details.

Bulk Essential Oils and Carrier Oils are now listed at wholesale prices. These may be combined to meet the minimum order of $50 for these two product categories.

If you are a Retailer/Professional, we offer wholesale prices for your business. Please contact us for more information.