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Ajowan, India, Trachyspermum copticum

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Price From: CA$6.58


Scientific Name:    Trachyspermum copicum
Country of Origin:    India
Synonyms:    T. ammi, Ammi copticum, Carum ajowan, C. copticum, Ptychotis ajowan, ajuan, omun
Plant Family:    Apiaceae
Plant Parts Used:    Seeds
Extraction Method:    Steam Distillation
Physical Characteristics:    Yellow-orange or reddish brown liquid
Aroma:    Herbaceous-spicy medicinal odour, much like thyme
Main Constituents:   Thymol, pinene, cymene, dipentene, terpinene and carvacrol, among others.
Safety Precautions:    Possible mucous membrane and dermal irritant. Avoid in pregnancy, toxic levels are unknown.

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