Dr Bach's Correspondence Course

It is our intention to provide quality information to all individuals who wish to use our products to promote health and well-being for themselves, their families, their clients and their customers. Through this course you will learn about the 38 flower remedies and Tromos and how you can use them for yourself and others to reach for the highest potential of well-being. In this course we will follow the path of Dr. Bachs own life and the history of his amazing discoveries, so that the philosophy and spiritual message of the flower remedies are revealed in their great beauty and utmost simplicity.

Alypsis Inc. is committed to providing educational courses that are approachable, straightforward, and written in a language that is easy to understand.

  • $442.50 (plus 13% HST Canada only)

Course Materials

  1. Course Binder including 3 modules and three mail-in assignments
  2. Heal Thyself by Dr. Edward Bach
  3. Twelve Healers by Dr. Edward Bach
  4. The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach Physician by Nora Weeks
  5. Complete Kit including 38 remedies plus 2 Tromos (10ml bottles)

It is important for students to have access to the remedies as they study. If you have already purchased a complete remedy kit, we will provide the course without the remedies for $272.50. When purchasing the remedy kit with the course you pay $170.00 for the kit which is $85.00 off its normal retail price. The course with the remedies is $442.50.

Required Reading

  • Heal Thyself by Dr. Edward Bach
  • Twelve Healers by Dr. Edward Bach
  • The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach Physician by Nora Weeks


Successful completion of the Alypsis Correspondence Course will earn a certificate of achievement from our Educational Division.

Module 1

  • The story of Dr. Bach and the discovery of the Twelve Healers
  • The value of a personal journal
  • Treat the person not the disease
  • The Twelve Healers: Mimulus, Impatiens, Clematis, Agrimony, Chicory, Vervain, Cerato, Centaury, Scleranthus, Rock Rose, Gentian, Water Violet (learning the remedies, their unique applications, and how to differentiate between their similarities.)
  • The Sun Method of Preparation
  • Tromos - The Trauma/Stress Remedy
  • Case studies - single dosages
  • Mail-in assignment

Module II

  • Heal Thyself, the philosophy and beliefs of Dr. Edward Bach
  • Reviewing your journal
  • Positive potential - accepting the messages of the remedies
  • The Seven Helpers - Gorse, Oak, Heather, Rock Water, Wild Oat, Olive, Vine
  • Case study exercises - complex dosages
  • Mail-in assignment

Module III

  • Final Remedies White Chestnut, Cherry Plum, Elm, Pine, Larch, Willow, Aspen, Hornbeam, Sweet Chestnut, Beech, Crab Apple, Walnut, Red Chestnut, White Chestnut, Holly, Honeysuckle, Wild Rose, Star of Bethlehem, Mustard
  • Case Study exercises
  • The Boiling Method of Preparation
  • Selecting a Remedy - Apparent similarities, allopathic expectations, the consultation, peeling the onion
  • Reviewing your journal
  • Tromos The Trauma/Stress Complex
  • Dosages (hygiene and regulatory issues)
  • Pets and Plants
  • Course review exercises
  • Mail-in assignment

Cancellation Policy

A student may cancel their enrollment, in the tuition portion of the course only, within 20 days of receipt of the program, provided that the material is returned to Alypsis Inc. within the grace period in an unused condition. Due to the medicinal nature of the remedies, all sales are final on the kit portion of the course. A cancellation fee of 15% of tuition will be deducted from the refund to cover the enrollment costs. No other cancellations are permitted.


If a student does not receive a passing grade on any of their mail-in assignments, they will receive a complete assessment of their work. Should they choose to rewrite the assignment a charge of $35 will be levied. A maximum of 3 re-writes will be allowed for any individual course.


Graduates of the course can opt to be included on our referral list, which will connect you to people in your area who are inquiring about the flower remedies. There is no charge for inclusion on this list.

On-Line Help

Alypsis has certified Flower Remedy Practitioners on staff to help you with any concerns or questions you may encounter on the flower remedies or on your assignments. Please feel welcome to call during office hours (9a.m.-5p.m.EST/EDT) 1 800 375-6222.

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