How to Take Remedies

How to take the remedies

They may be taken in any of 3 ways:

  1. Personal Formula Bottle
    • Nearly fill with spring water a 25ml or 1oz amber bottle with glass dropper. (Sterilize bottle and dropper by boiling for 10 minutes first.) Add 2 drops of each selected remedy (4 drops of Tromos® if you have chosen it). You may add a teaspoon of brandy or cider vinegar as a preservative. Take 4 drops, 4 times per day: morning, noon, evening and before bed. This method is economical and convenient.
  2. In Liquids
    • Put 2 drops of each remedy (4 drops of Tromos®) in a few ounces of water, juice, milk, etc. and sip. Do this 4 times per day as above.
  3. From Concentrate Bottle
    • The remedies may also be taken directly from their original concentrate bottles: 2 drops of each single remedy, 4 drops of Tromos® 4 times per day as above. This method is not recommended for children or if you are alcohol sensitive.

Limit your choice to 6 remedies or less. If after 2 weeks you do not see a noticeable effect re-evaluate your remedy selection. For assistance, recommended books and courses telephone Alypsis Inc. @ 705-749-1894.