Selecting Wildflower Remedies

How to select your remedies

The 38 wildflower remedies are simple enough to use that all can derive benefit from them.

As you read through the KEYNOTES for each remedy of the pdf below take notice of those that have significance for you and put a check in the adjacent box under column 1.

Check only those conditions that are causing you discomfort now. Focus on how you are feeling and functioning now rather than in the past.

Read the full DESCRIPTION of the remedy to confirm that it fits your situation. Limit your selection to 6 or less. If you have chosen more, ask yourself which 6 areas you would like to work on the most.

Each number under personal formula represents each session you sit down to determine which remedies you would like to take.

Write in the date below each session number and keep this sheet so that you have a record of your progress.

We encourage you to download this pdf (Version en français)