Why Buy Karooch Essential Oils?

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Why buy Karooch Essential Oils?

We are a Canadian company that sources essential oils worldwide and buys in bulk quantities. We bottle and distribute thereby cutting out the middleman. So, if our prices seem more than reasonable this is the reason. Like other distributor we do not import finished product from the US or any other country.

Absolutely none of our oils are diluted or manipulated. In fact, we keep gas chromatography (GC) reports on hand for customers that use our oils in the manufacture of skin care products. For example: each drum of tea tree oil that we buy comes with an Australian government certificate of analysis. Lately, we’ve used the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi to test our Bulgarian and French lavender oils.

Indonesian Patchouli oil is more valued than Chinese Patchouli. The Indonesian material has a patchouli alcohol content of about 50%; the Chinese is usually around 25%. We bottle only the Indonesian oil.

Chinese Geranium oil (greenish colour) is considered superior in terms of colour and aroma to the Egyptian (yellowish colour). We strictly bottle the Chinese for our retail marketplace.

We also bottle North American peppermint oil as opposed to the much cheaper Indian oil which is actually Cornmint.

We do not box our oils to avoid extra packaging costs, the unnecessary harvesting of trees and unwanted additions to the landfill.

We would like to help you in providing your customers with the best possible aromatics.


Andy Christopher