Bailey Flower Essences

We look upon the Bailey Essences as the next plateau of flower catalysts flowing from the work of Dr. Edward Bach. Whereas the Dr. Bach's essences help to re-balance out-of-kilter emotional states, the Bailey Essences (we've noted from personal experience) appear to work on a more profound level by helping us to question ingrained belief systems (molded by family and society) that may lie at the root of those out of balance states. That is to say, negative emotional states may recur if not dealt with on a more fundamental level. In many instances, Arthur Bailey's (PhD) descriptions in The Handbook of the Bailey Flower Essences also appear multi-dimensional, possibly working on various levels of consciousness simultaneously. One thing about working with potent catalysts for change is that the experience is very personal, not readily conducive to quantification and sometimes difficult to verbalize. We invite you to draw your own conclusions.

We should add that Arthur Bailey is a former professor of electrical and electronic engineering at Bradford University in the U. K. Consequently, there is a very striking and undeniable parallel between Bach and Bailey: both men were heavily grounded in the sciences before moving on to the more intuitive work they are now more noted for. Neither was/is quick to shun the importance of understanding the workings of the physical world and the benefits derived there from. However, their respective intuitive capacities and sensibilities enabled them to pioneer botanical catalysts that go beyond material quantification and begin to explore the broadening of personal consciousness which, paradoxically, has never been comfortably factored into any scientific method.