Energy Liberator

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To help free up energies that have been blocked by difficulties in the past.

Orchis mascula
Early Purple Orchid has the ability to dissolve blockages within the subtle energy flows of the body. Very often, either due to physical damage or mental blockages, there are serious disruptions within our energy systems. As these are progressively corrected, which may take considerable time, mind body and spirit come into much closer union.

Anemone nemorosa
Wood Anemone helps us to become free of characteristics that we came into the world with. Depending on one's viewpoint, these may be seen as either genetic or karmic. Wood Anemone has the ability to gradually balance such characteristics.

Aconitum napellus
Monk's Hood can help us to resolve difficulties in our life that relate back to a much earlier time. Growing up inevitably means that we grow up heavily conditioned by peers and authorities. Monk's Hood can gently help to liberate us from inappropriate conditionings.

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