English Wildflower Course for 2017


When:  Saturday September 30 and Sunday October 1, 2017

Where:  686 Crown Drive, Peterborough Ontario

Time:  10:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.

Cost:  $197.00 (includes the tax)

Contact:  Sue to pre-register at (705) 749 - 1894

Email:  sue@alypsis.com

Introduction to safe and natural and non-addictive healing system that brings negative moods back into balance.

Day I:  The Importance of Dr. Bach’s Philosophy

  • Learning the 38 Essences
  • How the Essences are prepared
  • Learn the subtle differnces and smilarities between the 38 essences
  • Tromos and Tromos Cream
  • Preparing a dosages bottle
  • Homework Exercise

Day 2:  Mood and type Remedies

  • The Essences in daily life
  • Essences for trauma and stress situations
  • Essences for various situations
  • What to do when you identify too many remedies or when you can’t identify correst  essence
  • Using essences for plants and animals, elderly, children and other situations.

Instructor:  Karen Christopher, co-owner of Alypsis Inc.

About the Instructor

Karen has used the essences since 1974.  She coordinated “The Bach Training Program” in Canada by representatives of the Bach Centre.  Along with Andy Christopher, they pioneered Dr. Bach’s philosophy in Canada since 1985.  Karen coordinated the Bach Training program for Canada from its inception until 1996.  Andy and Karen have promoted and fostered Dr. Bach’s philosophy and the use of the English Wildflower Essences since 1985.

*Attendanace mandatory and limited to 10 people.  Pre-registration is necessary. 

*Note:  A non-refundable processing fee of $60.00 will be charged for cancellation.

*Bring your own lunch!