Essential Oil Workshop - November 2017


When:  Saturday November 25, and Sunday November 26, 2017

Time:  10:00 a.m. to 5:00p.m

Where:  686 Crown Drive, Peterborough Ontario

Cost:  $197.00 (Includes taxes)

Contact:  Sue to pre-register @ (705)749-1894



  1. An Introduction to Essential Oils and their history
  2. Various factors affecting essential oil quality                                       
  3. Basic chemical constituants
  4. 20 plus important essential oils and their uses
  5. Common Carrier Oils
  6. Cautions and contra-indications
  7. Recipes using essential oil

Instructor:  Karen Christopher, co-owner of Alypsis Inc.

About the Instructor:

Karen first became interested in the alternative medicines in 1974.  In 1978 she discovered essential oils while working for Dr. Asa Hershoff, ND.

As a registered massage therapist in Toronto and in Peterborough, many of her clients were performing artists.  Essential oils and their many benefits enhanced her treatments.  She was also able to create individual synergies for client home care use.  Her search for quality essential oils led Karen and her husband Andy to start Karooch Essential Oils.  Karen became an aromatherapist in 1981 under the tutelage of Anne Roebucki who pioneered aromatherapy in Canada.

Karen has made a continuous study of essential oils, including taking courses at Perdue University, courses with Shirley Price, Jeanne Rose and many others.

*Attendance is mandatory and limited to 10 people.  Pre-registration is necessary

*Note:  A non-refundable processing fee of $60.00 will be charged for cancellation.

Bring your Own Lunch!