Hairy Sedge


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For those who worry and find it difficult to keep their minds in the present moment.


Hairy Sedge (10ml)

Luzula campestris

For those who worry and find it difficult to keep their minds in the present moment.

This inattention can result in poor memory. Hairy Sedge was originally misidentified, although we have kept with the common name. Its correct common name is actually Field Woodrush. This essence is for those who find difficulty in living in the present and who tend to dwell either in the past or in possible futures. This lack of present-moment awareness often causes difficulty with short-term memory.

Such people can be brought into the present moment, perhaps by something that has an impact on their personal well-being, or something that brings them pleasure, which will normally be remembered. However, things that seem less important will most likely be forgotten as their attention is not wholly engaged by what is happening around them. Sometimes poor memory can be due to fear.

There may be a reluctance to see what is really there because of the threat that such awareness could bring to their beliefs. This causes memory to be selective, reinforcing personal attitudes and opinions. Anything which would be threatening to those beliefs will then be ignored and forgotten. If people are too entrenched in their beliefs, it might be better to start with the Stuck in a Rut composite. Alternatively, both essences could be given together.

How much progress can be made with such clients will largely depend upon their willingness to take part in the whole healing process.

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