Metal Excess


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For when the Metal element is in excess. Part of the Acupuncture Set


Metal Excess - 10ml

Metal Element Keywords

Grief, substance, strength, structure, re-formable, communication, letting go, efficiency, storage, cutting through


Prunus spinosa

Blackthorn mirrors the difficulties that we feel when all our structures feel to be falling apart. It also helps us to accept new and changed circumstances in our lives.

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Pteridium aquifolium

Bracken Aq relates to our childhood. If our intuitive faculties were suppressed at that time, then an artificial boundary would be created, preventing us accessing this aspect of our nature.

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Cymbidium hybridus

Cymbidium Orchid relates to our subconscious mind. If there are blockages in communication between the conscious and the subconscious, then stress will result. These blockages are often due to conditioned patterns established early in our life.


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