Alypsis Private Labeling


Alypsis Private Labeling

We began the aromatherapy segment of our business in 1989 with the generous support of Bernie Hephrun of Butterbur and Sage in Reading, England. At that time essential oils were relatively unknown in Canada. Initially, our simple goal was to make quality aromatics available at the wholesale and retail levels through health food stores, independent pharmacies and health care practitioners. Although we happily continue to serve these segments of the marketplace, Alypsis has evolved into the private labeling of single essential oils and custom blends.

Custom blends are created with the long-time expertise of aromatherapist and co-owner of Alypsis Inc., Karen Christopher, RMT who was one of the first in this country to train under the UK /Canadian aromatherapist, Anne Roebuck . Anne Roebuck worked and taught in the tradition of Marguerite Maury and Danielle Ryman. Karen’s 30+ years of experience in aromatherapy and our substantial inventory of essential oils, hydrosols, fixed oils and butters enables us to custom blend to your specific needs. We have a reputation of working hand-hand with spas and companies of body care products to meet their specific needs.

If you have unique ideas or special requirements for products that you would like to offer your customers and clientele we would be happy to work with you to develop these. The starting point is your ideas and our expertise. Give us a call in North America @ 1 800 375 6222 or email us at We look forward to working with you.

We currently private label single essential oils and blends for spas, health food stores, independent pharmacies and various body care manufacturers.

We print labels using two high resolution full colour digital Primera label printers that allow us to print product labels as we need them. This means that you no longer have to print thousands of costly labels that end up collecting dust on a shelf. We can print a few dozen, a few hundred or a few thousand product labels as they are required.