Earth Excess

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Earth Element Keywords
Sympathy, solidity, fertility, stability, security, comfort, centred, sensual and nurturing.

Colutea orientalis
Bladder Senna is about catharsis, of getting rid of things of the past that we no longer have any use for. This is particularly the case with regard to feelings of guilt and inadequacy.

Rosa canina
Dog Rose is for loving comfort, compassion and support. This helps to underpin the Earth element, giving us a feeling of security.

Luzula campestris
Hairy Sedge relates to our being in the present moment. It relates to distraction, and how distractive thoughts take us away from living happily in the present.

Marchantia polymorpha L.
Lichen enables us to feel at ease in our surroundings and with ourselves.

Salvia fruticosa
Mediterranean Sage mirrors the Earth qualities of warmth, comfort and wisdom. It helps to stabilise and earth our energies.

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