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(Larix decidua)

Encourages the intuitive side of our nature to expand and take its rightful place in our life.  This essence is for awakening the true power of Yin within us - the power of the intuitive and the receptive.  

In Eastern terms, Yin represents many things.  It is the shadow side of a mountain, the depths rather than the heights.  It is the receptive side of our nature - the intuitive.  It is about love, compassion and nurturing.  It is soft but powerful in its softness.  In many ways it is femininity in it purest form - yet it is far more than that.  Yin accepts rather than confronts.  Yin wisdom is far deeper than the logical Yang ideas of truth.

This essence helps us to develop our Yin aspects so that they can balance the Yang side of our being.  Many men, as well as some women, have deep troubles with this aspect of their personality.  Yang likes to be in charge, to go out there and do things.  Men tend to be Yang - dominant and because Yang fears the wisdom of Yin, it tends to dominate Yin.  It covers this up by pretending that intuition(which means inner tuition) is just wishful thinking.

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