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Metal Element Keywords
Grief, substance, strength, structure, re-formable, communication, letting go, efficiency, storage, cutting through

Polygonum bistorta
Bistort relates to major changes in our life. It helps to support change by giving an inner scaffolding whilst providing a loving environment within which we feel safe.

Pteridium aquifolium
Bracken alcholic helps us to leave childhood patterns behind, and so to fully cross the barrier between childhood and adulthood. This essence helps to dissolve that barrier so that we can live our life as a joyful adult.

Sinapis arvensis
Charlock is for the childhood established pattern of wanting to please other people. This arises from a lack of self-confidence, of being unable to accept full responsibility for one's actions.

Impatiens glandulifera
Indian Balsam helps to bring peace and calm to an overactive mind. It helps to create a space where tensions can disappear and so enable us to become open to newness and change.

Senecio jacobaea
Ragwort is the flower for obsessive thought. It helps to give definition and structure to our mind so that the thought processes come back under our control.

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