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For when a particular thought just keeps going round and round and will not go away. The mouse on the treadmill type of feeling, with each thought following relentlessly on the heels of another. The thought itself seems to provide the momentum.

Indian Balsam Impatiens glandulifera
Indian Balsam is included to help reduce the mental energy levels that are driving the thoughts round and round. It helps to quiet the mind and so reduce the tendency for the thoughts to keep on running in the same obsessive pattern.

Ragwort Senecio jacobaea
Ragwort is the key essence in breaking the loops of thought. Its main characteristic is to sever the endless looping back of thought. It helps us to break the loop, enabling us to see the futility of such thought, whilst empowering us so that we can now break the self-sustaining problem.

White Dead Nettle Lamium album
White Dead Nettle is included for removing the addictive effects of obsessive thought patterns. This is something that is frequently overlooked when trying to help those with obsessive thought tendencies. Being obsessive and being addicted are very close together. Being addicted to something means that the body-mind system has become dependent on that particular stimulation. Take the continued stimulation away and there will be withdrawal symptoms, maybe very powerful, even serious. Many drugs are known for their powerful addictive effects. White Dead Nettle helps to break the addictive aspects of thought patterns.

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