Sheep's Sorrel

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Rumex acetosella

Sheep's Sorrel is a component of Grief.

Sheep's Sorrel is for bitterness, the type of bitterness that arises when we feel that life is unfair. It is for the anguished cry of "Why should this have happened to me?"

Life has a nasty habit of upsetting our plans and expectations: we often have a feeling that it should be fair, forgetting that "fairness" is a human concept.

In this life everything changes ceaselessly. A period of calm will never last indefinitely, nor will times of difficulty. Accepting the endless ebb and flow of life can be difficult for us as we all look for stability.

When something very traumatic happens, such as a bereavement or separation, we can so easily feel bitter about what has happened. Such bitterness can hang on, poisoning our life.

Sheep's Sorrel helps us to accept what has happened and to understand that what now matters is the life ahead of us, even though it inevitably be different from what we had expected.

It encourages us to let go of bitterness and to move forward into a new and changed future.

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