Stuck In A Rut

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This is for those who have become bogged down in life. They have become the victim of fixed routines and perhaps the desire for security.

Galanthus nivalis flore-plena
Double Snowdrop is for those who have become set in their ways and see no real need to change, or are frightened of what changes might bring into their life. Double Snowdrop shows us that change is essential if we are to live our lives to the full and it helps to initiate those changes.

Cirsium palustre
Marsh Thistle is for those who have become locked in the past and pay little attention to the present. It helps us to see that such a viewpoint is flawed and that we have imprisoned ourselves by so doing. Marsh Thistle leads us into a much more joyful way of life, living for the present moment.

Rhus typhina
Sumach is for those who refuse to accept their own true potential. People like me can’t do things like that is a common response. All of us have enormous potential and Sumach encourages us open up to those much greater realities.

Rhododendron ponticum
Rhododendron is for those who try to make things happen the way that they want. They try to make things fit in with those ideas, rather than feeling into the situation they are faced with. Childhood or adolescent conditionings are frequently the cause. Rhododendron helps us to develop a more relaxed approach to life, and stop pushing square pegs into round holes!

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