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Many of us do not lead a tranquil life, always being busy and not finding peace within that busy-ness. This essence encourages us to change our view of life and to find peace within the storms of everyday life. It does not force change on us.

Prunus incisa
Fuji Cherry is the key essence. This essence encourages both the mind and the body to relax so that we do not wind ourselves up unnecessarily. As we begin to calm down we gain new insights into our everyday life and this can enable us to do exactly the same work as usual but without the emotional stress that comes from an over-tense mind.

Galium saxatile
Heath Bedstraw helps us to relax and trust our environment. It enables us to see that the world is not as threatening a place as it sometimes would seem. It helps us to discern when we can totally relax and regenerate our energies.

Lavatera thuringiaca
Tree Mallow is included for its healing and inspiring properties. As we relax there is always a danger that we lose our drive because it was driven by tension. Tree Mallow helps to regenerate our drive once more, but this time based on working from a relaxed state of mind.

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