Water Excess

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Water Element Keywords
Fears, clarity, flow, will power, rhythms, life's purpose, depth, still, calm
Dwarf Purple Vetch
Vicia villosa ssp. Eriocarpa
Dwarf Purple Vetch is the essence for deep underlying sexual difficulties that usually originate in childhood or adolescence. This flower helps to dissolve those old patterns so that we can reconnect with our true sexual nature.
Flowering Currant
Ribes sanguineum
Flowering Current is for people who feel overwhelmed by the pressures on them, yet somehow still seem to bravely keep going. This flower helps us to understand those pressures and to find ways of avoiding or lessening them.
Fuji Cherry
Prunus incisa
Fuji Cherry helps us to take life more easily, it helps us to detach ourselves from events or people who otherwise would tend to take charge of our life. This is the key essence for personal tranquility.
White Lotus
Nymphea alba
White Lotus relates to the unification of mind body and spirit. It helps remove the emotional blocks that otherwise restrict the energy flowers within the system.
Yorkshire Fog
Holcus lanathus
Yorkshire Fog allows our emotions to flow. It helps us to be open to what has happened in our life, to shed tears, and so will lead on to a brighter, less restricting future.

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