Dwarf Purple Vetch

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Vicia villosa ssp. Eriocarpa
For deep-rooted, hidden patterns usually originating in childhood and often resulting in sexual difficulties.
This flower comes from the mountains of Cyprus and grows in very rocky conditions on the mountains. The essence is for very old patterns established in childhood, particularly where relationships and sexual attitudes are concerned. It works at a deeper level than Tufted Vetch and is more suitable for intransigent problems, especially for those that arise in puberty. At puberty changing power and sexual roles often produce anguish and uncertainty, of impotence in handling the sexual games that are played out by both boys and girls. Understanding of the opposite sex is often blocked, yet a desire to relate to them is often stifled by the fear of being ridiculed. This can open relationships with the opposite sex impossible, the idea of having a heterosexual sexual relationship even revolting.

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