Indian Balsam

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Impatiens glandulifera
Brings quietness and peace to an overactive and disturbed mind.
Indian Balsam brings quietness and healing to minds that are disturbed, helping us to distance ourselves from thoughts that are causing distress. There can be little more distressing than a mind caught up in endless mind-loops that just will not stop. Under such circumstances there can be no peace because, as soon as the mind starts to quiet, new looping thoughts arise.
Indian Balsam prevents such thoughts from reinforcing themselves by reducing the emotional tensions in the mind. We take our thoughts less seriously and do not pay them so much attention. It helps the mind to steady down to a point where we can once more take charge of our thinking, rather than feeling that we have got on a strange merry-go-round that just will not stop. Indian Balsam likes to grow by rivers and it may help us, when taking the essence, to feel that we are once more sitting on a quiet river bank, just watching the wildlife and the ripples on the water.
This essence helps us to just be, quietly observing the world around us. It can be very helpful to take the composite essence of Tranquility at the same time.

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