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Feelings of insecurity can range from isolated occurrences to a continuing feeling that will not go away. In all cases the origins are the same - the lack of personal power, of being unable to be “master of one’s own destiny”. What is needed is a quiet acceptance that there are always something in life that we can control and some things that we cannot. It is the fear of the things that we cannot control that give rise to the feelings of insecurity.
This composite mirrors the sentiments of the Gastalt Prayer which can be paraphrased as follows:- Give me the courage to change those things that need to be changed and can be changed; the ability to accept those things that cannot be changed and the wisdom to discern the one from the other.

Petasites hybridus
Butterbur helps us to feel secure within our own being. Many people have a deep insecurity which dates back to childhood making it difficult for them to accept their own inherent goodness and worth. Butterbur works to dispel these old belief patterns bringing positive insights and a new self confidence.

Sonchus arvensis
Milk Thistle is for those who never knew a close loving relationship early in their life. That lack of emotional closeness leaves a void - an insecurity that can persist through adult life. Milk Thistle helps to “pull the sting” from such experiences so that we no longer feel an inner void within.

Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus
Moss is for fear of the dark spaces in the mind. Such fears can be very subversive and can sometimes result in a feeling deep within that we are somehow “evil”. Moss helps to shed light into those dark spaces revealing a treasure house of hidden qualities.

Silene maritima
Sea Campion is particularly suited to helping those who were, for whatever reason, separated from emotional support very early in childhood. Sea Campion helps us to discover loving and protective energies within ourselves that can neutralize those old feelings of abandonment and despair.

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