Sadness Loneliness

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For those times when we need comfort, love and reassurance. Sadness and loneliness can have a devastating effect on our lives. We can feel wholly dispirited and bereft. We need a new viewpoint, a new and transforming way of seeing the world.

 (Juncus conglomeratus)
Compact Rush is for sadness, for those who feel that life is passing them by. They dwell on what might have been and may feel that their life is now pointless. Compact Rush is about new beginnings and renewed energy. It helps us look on our past with compassion, rather like seeing an old movie that we once took part in. It is through detachment that we are freed from its influence.

 (Rosa canina)
Dog Rose, as in the Grief composite, is included for its loving support properties. This is something that we dearly need at such times in our life. When we are sad and lonely, without realising it we isolate ourselves from the world. Dog Rose helps us to become open again to the love of the world around us.

 (Lonicera periclymenum)
Honeysuckle of the hedgerows perfumes the air around it in the evening. This essence is included to help our fragrance to spread all around us, drawing others to us. Sadness and loneliness tend to isolate us from others. Honeysuckle helps reverse this, changing our attitude to life so that others are drawn to us, helping us to feel a valued part of humanity once more.

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