At Home Spa: Simple, Serene & Sensuous

Here at Alypsis we value skin and the simplicity of nature while taking care of your skin. Nature provides the most pure and simple ingredients to keep our skin healthy and vibrant, and with simple steps we can make sure that our skin stays rejuvenated and youthful all year round. As the cool air begins to creep into the mornings, and the earth shifts into autumn and winter, it is a vital time to take care of your skin. It is incredibly important to lock in moisture now, to prevent cracking and irritation later. 

Keep reading for some magical tips to keep your youthful glow through the dull seasons!

One of our favourite ways to keep skin healthy is to make yourself a homemade "At Home Spa Kit" that you can access whenever you start feeling the wintertime blues. If you come home from work and you notice that you skin feels dry or dull, or you need to relax after a stressful and taxing day, this Spa kit will be at your finger tips and can dramatically improve your mood and help to promote skin health. Our skin is our body's first layer of protection from environmental pollutants, and when we take care of our skin it keeps us healthy.



What should you include in your "At Home Spa Kit"? Here are some examples, which you can tailor to your preferences.

1) A pumice stone for rough feet
    2) Sheet masks, hand masks, and feet masks for instant relief when you want a low effort spa treatment.
      3) Under eye moisturizing patches for those mornings that you wake up with dark under eye circles
        4) A nourishing body oil that can be warmed in hands and applied to skin after bathing or showering, and can be used for a soothing massage (such as fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, meadow foam oil, sea buckthorn oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin-E oil)
          5) Homemade/natural body butter which should be applied to skin following a nourishing body oil after a shower to lock in moisture and create a protective moisture barrier
            Homemade Body Butter Recipe



            • Add all oils (except essential oils) to a double boiler, and melt at medium high heat stirring frequently. When oil mixture has fully melted, remove from heat and let cool for 5 minutes, add dried herbs if using at this point and let steep, or stir in essential oils instead. Put this oil mixture in the fridge for 1-2 hours until the top has solidified mostly. Whip with a beater or stand mixer starting on low for 2-3 minutes and then whipping on high for 3 minutes or until the consistency of frosting is achieved.Spoon the body butter mixture into cleaned and sanitized jars, and store in a cool place for up to 1 year.
            6) Homemade clay clarifying face masks (such as Bentonite, Kaolin, or Moroccan red clay) which you can add oil, water, essential oil, and crushed or fresh herbs to in order to make purifying clay masks from that best suit your skin.
              • For all above clay mask recommendations: Mix with water until a thick paste forms, and apply to face and neck for 15 minutes, wash off with warm water before clay fully dries to not pull too much moisture from skin
              7) A jelly eye mask that you keep in the freezer to help reduce puffy eyes
                8) A jade or rose quartz facial roller to promote skin elasticity and relaxation, rolling up and holding skin taught. Fantastic tool for working serums and oils into the face, and amazing during a body massage to promote relaxation.
                  9) A Gua Sha for sculpting the face and promote skin tightness, can be put in a bowl of ice and water to help with puffy under eyes, amazing to use after a hot stone facial or massage to close the pores. 
                    10) A dry brush for exfoliating dry skin gently by brushing away dead skin 
                      11) Hyaluronic acid, retinol, niacinamide and vitamin-C serums to help with youthfulness and glowing skin. Level up you skin care routine by using products with these ingredients to help promote radiant skin.
                        12) A moisturizing facial oil that works for your skin type. After showering or bathing make sure to apply oil to the damp skin of your face and body, and then apply lotion afterwards to create a moisture barrier that traps water on the skin.
                          • Alypsis's The Rose Knows moisturizing oil is an amazing facial and body oil with rejuvenating and skin sensitive oils that promote brightness and lustre
                          • Alypsis's Holy Nerolimoisturizing oil is a facial and body oil that targets aging skin and helps to promote elasticity, scar healing, and brightness.
                          • Alypsis's All That Jazzmine moisturizing oil is a refreshing and bright body and facial oil that lightens, lifts, and promotes firm and smooth skin.
                          • All of the above oils are fantastic body oils and will keep your skin thoroughly moisturized between showers/baths. They can also be warmed between the hands and used as a sensual massage oil.
                          13) Try making homemade soap and include it in this spa kit. Making homemade soap from scratch or with melt and pour soap bases, will make you feel fantastic. You get to control what goes in them, how they look, how they smell, and what shape they are. Giving yourself a pampering session which includes a majority of homemade and handcrafted items will make you feel more pampered than you have ever felt. 
                            14) Small jars of dried herbs to add to your bath water (try lavender flowers, dried orange or lemon peels, calendula flowers, rosemary, peppermint, rose petals, and oats)
                              15) Your favourite essential oils and essential oil blends are a necessity in your at home spa kit, as they will allow you to tailor your aromatherapy experience to your mood.
                                • If you want a relaxing bath: add rose and lavender essential to your bath or shower (you can spray it on the wall or tub, or add several drops in your tub during a shower)
                                • If you want a rejuvenating bath: add eucalyptus essential oil or hang dried eucalyptus over your shower head, the oil will help you to breathe deeply 
                                • If you want an awakening bath: add rosemary and grapefruit essential oil for a boost of energy, focus and productivity
                                • If you want a gentle and sweet bath: add geranium, jasmine, rose and/or litsea cubeba essential oils, the floral scents of these oils will help you to relax and feel invigorated. This is also an aphrodisiac blend that can help you to feel confident and open to affection.
                                16) Spa Attire, such as: a pair of fuzzy socks, a warm robe, a microfibre hair towel, comfy slippers, a plush face washing headband, and/or wrist water drip catches for washing your face
                                  17) A wood bathtub tray to elevate your bathtub experience
                                    18) Candles in your favourite essential oil scents (you can also try floating candles!)
                                      19) Crystals to place in or around the bath to supercharge your relaxation
                                        20) Loose leaf tea in an assortment of your favourite flavours to sip while relaxing in the bath
                                          21) Nail treatment tools and nail polish (clippers, files, buffing tools, remover, etc.)
                                            22) Homemade bath bombs are the perfect luxury spa item to stimulate your senses, you can easily make them at home or you can find them locally. 


                                            When you have all parts of your custom spa kit together it is time to assemble in and put it in a basket, wooden box, photo box, or some other container that you can store and organize all of your self-care tools in. The next time that you want a luxury bath experience all you need to do is grab a few towels and your spa kit and then you are in for an evening of luxury and self-care. You can also make luxury spa kits as gifts for others, or pamper your partner with.

                                            Follow along with us for more info on how to love your body and take better care of your skin!

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