How to Practice Self-Care

How to Practice Self-Care

This is the season to work on developing positive habits that use creative ways to lift up your mood and keep you feeling positive and in control of life. Feeling like you are in control of life starts with your mental health, and mental health is directly affected by our personal hygiene and daily self-care routine.
Practicing small changes in your daily routine, can have incredible results. We float by in life thinking often that we do not deserve things such as: being pampered, being cared for, and sometime even being loved. But if we work to shift our mindset and instead pamper ourselves, care for ourselves, and love ourselves all other aspects of life become elevated. If we satisfy our need for touch, affection, and love by providing opportunities and focused time on our own pampering, what happens is that we produce dopamine and serotonin by doing behaviours that nurture both our body and mind. The more self-nurturing behaviours that we accomplish in one day, the more positivity and feeling of success that we are able to attain. 
Often we lead ourselves to believe that taking care of others in life gives us purpose, and is more fulfilling than caring for ourselves... But if we shift this generosity and gift of our time to our own care and enjoyment, we will be much more available to love and nurture others. 
Things that you can do to pamper yourself today that will make you feel more vibrant and lively tomorrow:
- Get a hot stone facial - if you have never had a facial this is your sign to invest in yourself and your health and get one, you will feel more relaxed and cared for than you can imagine - even a sheet mask or under eye face mask from the pharmacy will help you to feel more pampered
- Book a massage, chiropractic or physiotherapy appointment - when our bodies, muscles and joints are out of sorts it is so incredibly necessary to talk to a medical practitioner, or holistic specialist. You are worth the time and money, because what we invest into our bodies today we will get back tenfold each and everyday
- Make time in your daily routine to read several pages from a spicy, interesting or informative book - find some literature that entices you and stirs up your interest: learn something new, delve into a fantasy, or learn about the world. Reading from a physical book help to open our eyes to the vast possibilities of life, if you can dream it and write it, you can accomplish it.
- Make intentional time to turn off electronics - this might be hard with how addictive social media can be, but making intentional alone time with yourself without your phone can help to drastically increase productivity and fulfillment. We utilize media as a way to feel short term fulfillment, which has no long term sustenance. After spending too much time plugged in we often feel drained, depleted, frustrated by our distraction, and like we have not accomplished the things that we need to get done. By making a daily practice to spend more time doing, and less time scrolling, you can reach a new level of self-achievement.
- Learn how to make your own body care items, and spend time trying out all of the handcrafted products that you make, it is quite affordable to make all of your own spa specialty items at home. The energetic relationship that you have with your body will shift when you use your own creations that are full of love and intention. With a small collection of ingredients you can make all of the following products at home: clay masks, face/body scrubs, body butters, face serums, face oils, lotions, soaps, sprays & mists, lip balms, sunscreens, bug sprays, face creams, night creams, under eye serums, hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes, gel cleansers, etc.)
- Go for a stroll, hike, or picnic in the great outdoors. Whether its at a local park or a distant forest, you will feel more at peace by allowing the energy of nature to flow through your feet and fingertips. Surrounding yourself with people that you love in a natural environment is one of the purest ways to uplift and rejuvenate your outlook on life.
- Finally try that new hobby that you have been putting off for years... Believe me, taking the first step to try something new can be incredibly scary but it is so fulfilling once you have succeeded at doing something that you have never done before. Some exciting things to try: crochet, abstract painting, rock climbing, mountain biking, stilts, fire spinning, aerial yoga, solo camping, geocaching, photography, playing a new instrument, hot yoga, and so much more. Trying something new and incorporating it into your routine can help to expand your connection to your community, and bring fresh and new perspectives into your life.
Something that is important to remember, especially when we wake up feeling unmotivated or when we go to bed feeling dull, is that the world is in our control and we have the power to change all parts of life that we do not find favourable. Empower yourself by taking care of your soul, body, and mind with intentional moments. Cherish your alone time, and your relationship with loneliness with change. Practice speaking gratitude aloud each day, and you will be deterred from seeing only the negatives in life. You have the power to change your perspective on all matters in life, but that requires providing the tools, time, and support to foster change.
Nurture yourself, believe me you deserve it.

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