Carriers and Butters

Alypsis Inc, the Purveyor of the Karooch brand of aromatherapy products, provides a large selection of carriers and butters. These are used in Aromatherapy to 'carry' essential oils in dilution for therapeutic applications as well as for the manufacturing of soaps and creams, lotions, and cosmetics. Found in both Certified Organic and conventional form, solids and liquids.
Fractionated Coconut from $2.75 CAD
Rose Hip Seed Oil from $8.31 CAD
Sweet Almond Oil from $2.90 CAD
Calendula Oil from $5.52 CAD
Golden Jojoba Oil from $2.99 CAD
Apricot Kernel from $3.00 CAD
Aloe Vera from $2.64 CAD
Shea Butter Refined from $3.53 CAD
Castile Soap from $9.03 CAD
Avocado Butter from $4.72 CAD
Evening Primrose from $5.46 CAD
Grapeseed Oil from $2.61 CAD
Mango Butter from $4.88 CAD
Hemp Oil Refined from $3.34 CAD
Meadow Foam from $5.73 CAD
Macadamia Nut from $3.24 CAD
Avocado from $2.99 CAD
Rice Bran Oil from $2.67 CAD
Sea Buckthorn from $12.86 CAD
Hazelnut Oil from $3.38 CAD
Cocoa Wafers Natural from $8.99 CAD
Wheat Germ Oil from $3.76 CAD
Coconut RBD from $14.00 CAD
Moringa Oil from $7.99 CAD
Camelia Seed from $4.88 CAD

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