This helps to unify the mind-body spirit, helping us to break free of previous restricting beliefs and patterns. When mind, body and spirit, left brain and right brain, are out of step with each other, Unification encourages a sense of harmony in all aspects so that they can work together in a supportive way.

Oleaceae intermedia
Forsythia is about disentangling ourselves from an over-logical view of the world where the spiritual dimension is viewed with suspicion by the logical hemisphere of the brain. It also gives encouragement to those who have already discovered the path of self-realization, bringing comfort and support during all the twists and turns of spiritual growth.

Acer platanoides
Norway Maple helps to free us rigid concepts so that the intuitive mind can explore the spiritual dimensions without the restricting influence of the logical mind.

Quercus robur
Oak stimulates a quiet inner strength and a feeling of peace. Both of these qualities are necessary for the “Spiritual Warrior”, the person who has embarked on the difficult journey to discover their true being. This essence embodies the quiet steadfastness needed for such a journey.

Veronica chamaedrys
Speedwell mirrors the eastern concept of the “All-seeing eye” of the Brow Chakra. It enables us to open up our psychic senses in a gentle and matter-of-fact way showing us that insight is simply another, yet vital, aspect of ordinary everyday life. Speedwell is concerned with opening up our intuition without our getting emotionally entangled in what may be revealed to us.

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