Fire Excess

Fire Element Keywords
Joy, vitality, ideas, enthusiasms, creativity, intuition, warmth, inspiration.

Hyacinthoides non-scripta
Bluebell is for those times when one feels as if one is falling apart from within. It is as if one's energies have been used for internal destructive purposes rather than focused into beneficial enterprises.

Pyracantha atalantioides
Firethorn is the remedy for unstable energies that occur when somebody is unable to openly express anger or resentment, and bottles up these energies. Finally, like a volcano exploding, all the bottled up emotions come out at once.

"Magnolia x loebneri ""Leonard Messel"""
Magnolia is the essence of unconditional love. It represents the double-edged sword of truth. It helps us to actively engage in the world, expressing our energies with love and compassion even though at times it may be hurtful to others.

Silene maritima
Sea Campion is for those who were separated in very early childhood from the loving support of their mother or father. This produces a deep insecurity that can make us very hesitant in our dealings with other people.

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