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Fears can inhibit so much of our lives and can often be difficult to eradicate. They deny us much of our freedom and enjoyment of life. The intention behind this essence is to bring our fears out into the open where they can be seen for what they really are - “paper tigers” that looked ferocious when hidden in dark corners but in fact have no real power or substance. Deeply rooted fears can date back to childhood and so the Childhood essence can often help when given at the same time.

Stachys officinalis
Betony is for unrecognizable fears, fears that can make us feel unloved, unwanted or unworthy. In extreme cases they can drive people to contemplate suicide. Betony helps us to see that such fears are groundless by shedding light in the dark places of the mind. In so doing it helps us to discover that inner treasure-house of the intuitive mind which all too often we have lost touch with.

Mahonia aquifolium
Mahonia helps to free us from the fear of our own inner power. Such fear usually arises from seeing the immense damage that can be caused by fanatical people. Yet those who fear their own power are those who are the most trustworthy, the least likely to misuse that personal power. Mahonia brings the fragrance of the divine into our life, empowering whatever we need to be doing.

Chelidonium majus
Greater Celandine is for those who fear their spiritual dimension - the core of their being. They have unwittingly set up a barrier between themselves and the source of their existence. This can produce a whole variety of fears including a deep-rooted fear of death and a rejection of the possibility of anything other than the physical. Greater Celandine gradually helps to dissolve those barriers, bringing ease and realignment of the mind-body-spirit unity.

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