Liberation - 10ml
This essence is for those who have become trapped by their circumstances in life. Often it may be that there is a dominant friend or partner who is causing the difficulties. There is a feeling of not being in charge of your own life.

Stellaria graminea
Lesser Stitchwort helps us disentangle ourselves from our difficulties. It can then act as a guiding star, showing us clearly the path ahead that we need to be following.

Anagallis arvensis
Scarlet Pimpernel is for those who are either obsessed or possessed by another person. In either situation a mutual dependency tends to build up. This essence helps empower us so that we can ease ourselves out of the situation without it being too obvious to the other person.

Malva sylvestris
Wild Mallow helps bring the possessive links to the surface where we can see them for what they are. Seeing the true nature of the forces that have enslaved us can be very enlightening and in that revelation they lose their hold over us.

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