Scientific Name: Pimpinella anisum 

Country of Origin:  Egypt

Synonyms: Anisum officinalis, A. Vulgare, anise, sweet cumin

Plant Family:  Apiaceae(Umbelliferae)

Plant Parts Used:  Herbs/Seeds

Extraction Method:  Steam distillation

Physical Characteristics:  Colourless to pale yellow liquid

Dominants Note(s):  Top to Middle note

Aroma:  Warm, spicy-sweet characteristic.  

Main Constituents: Trans-anethole(75-90%)

Blends with: Amyris, Bay, Cardamom, Caraway, Cedarwood, Coriander, Dill, Fennel, Galbanum, Mandarin, Petitgrain, Rosewood

Safety Precautions:  The major component anethole is known to cause dermatitis in some individuals - avoid in allergic and inflammatory skin conditions.  In large doses its a narcotic and slows down circulation; can lead to cerebral disorders.  Use in moderation

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