Pteridium aquilinum
For when intuitive sensitivity was blocked in childhood, resulting in a fear of the intuitive side of one’s nature.
This essence relates to the blocking of psychic sensitivity in childhood. This particular difficulty is not covered by the Childhood composite. Children are naturally psychically aware from the moment of birth. However, their sensitivity often becomes blocked by others (usually adults). They may call it “childish imagination” and say that it is something that needs to be grown out of. Having imaginary playmates is just such psychic sensitivity in action. If this sensitivity is blocked by the attitudes of others, it can lead to a deep-rooted fear of the intuitive mind. It may show as a feeling that there is something wrong or unreliable about intuition.
The fear of coming up-front and accepting these suppressed abilities causes problems. If the conditioning has gone very deep, then such a person can react violently against any suggestion that these faculties even exist. Their denial may be extremely vehement, even leading to accusations that such faculties are generated by the devil.
Bracken people usually appear to be very “left-brain” or logical-mind-dominated, yet in fact they have great sensitivity that is well hidden. Often there is a tendency to put higher values on things than on people. Things, being predictable, fit much more comfortably into their adopted logical view of the world. Attempts to fit people into this logical view however, can cause many problems, as people inconveniently refuse to fit into a steady predictable pattern.
Bracken gently helps to unblock the intuitive mind. Communication can then take place at levels other than the logical, resulting in great joy. Being involved in artistic pursuits may well help a suppressed intuitive and creative side to awaken. This in turn will encourage the left and right hemispheres of the brain to “talk to each other”, promoting increased personal harmony and ease.
The Yang composite essence may also be helpful in maintaining stability in the logical side, whilst forging links with the intuitive.

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