This composite is for people suffering from bereavement or the loss of something precious in their lives. At such times we need to be able to express our grief so that it does not become locked within us.

Rumex acetocella
Sheep’s Sorrel helps us leave bitterness behind, the resentment caused by feeling “why should this have happened to me?” We can then accept what has happened so that we do not become trapped by bitter feelings.

Rosa canina
Dog Rose is for loving comfort and support when we feel totally bereft, and other people, however caring, may seem very distant. It also allows us to open up to the depths of our grief without fear.

Holcus lanathus
Yorkshire Fog (a moorland grass) encourages us to shed our tears and symbolically wash away the anguish that naturally occurs at such times.

Hypericum humifusum
Trailing S. John’s Wort is for healing. It takes the sting out of the situation and reduces the emotional tension and desperation that are so often a part of the grieving process.

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