Marsh Thistle

Cirsium palustre
The remedy for those locked in the past.
For those who cling on to old outmoded patterns of thought and behaviour. Marsh Thistle is for those who have become locked in the past – a common experience. The familiar and routine are relied upon for support and anything very new is met with fear and suspicion. When this attitude becomes chronic, it can be a difficult one to change.
Marsh Thistle helps the fear of newness to fade but allows the change to take place gently. Unless the approach is gentle, when the views are entrenched, either the old fears could re-assert themselves or the opposite could happen. In this case everything new is welcomed, however inappropriate it may be. Once the fixed viewpoints have disappeared, then what was previously seen as a haven from the threats of the world will be seen as it really was - a cage, a prison whose door was locked.
Marsh Thistle is the remedy for all those who are trapped in routine attitudes and situations. It is about being open to newness and change and welcoming those changes as they occur.

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