Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus
For those who fear freedom and lightness in their lives.
Often a fear of dark spaces within the being. Moss is the essence for those who fear the dark spaces within themselves. As with the childhood fears of darkness, many people fear the uncharted areas within their own beings. For some, these fears may have been instilled in childhood by such teachings as the inherently sinful nature of humanity. For others it may be the feeling of having dark murky secrets hidden within the subconscious mind.
There are many people who struggle on, dogged by these deep fears. Sometimes they feel compelled to help others in a desperate attempt to atone for the “evil” that they feel within themselves. Moss helps to show that fears about the subconscious are only paper tigers - shadows that disappear when light is shed on them. It is fear that prevents the light of insight from entering the mind, and fear is therefore responsible for the dark spaces. Moss lessens these addictive fears and loosens up the constrictions.
The dark spaces are then transformed into places of light and illumination.

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