Welsh Poppy

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Meconopsis cambric
For those who have lost their fire and inspiration and become day-dreamers.
This is for those who have lost their fire and inspiration and have become day-dreamers. It is for those who have previously been energized and active, but whose driving energies have been dissipated. They have become side-tracked. Previous goals have lost their meaning. Sometimes this day-dreaming state is like following a path into a sunny field full of beautiful flowers. We get so carried away with lying in the sun and looking at the flowers that we forget there is a path that goes on beyond that field.
People in this state frequently feel that their problems are due to the negative influence of others. In fact, the problem often relates to changing perceptions; old goals, now seen in a new light, lose their allure. Welsh Poppy helps to bring energy and inspiration back into our lives, to liberate blocked creative energies and it points us towards our true path.

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