White Dead Nettle

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Lamium album
For removing the addictive effects of obsessive thought patterns.
White Dead Nettle is about addictions to objects, events or people. Addictions and obsessions are closely interrelated. We can become addicted to a person, perhaps a close friend or spiritual teacher. Under these circumstances we are giving away our control and power to them just as surely as we can to a drug. We can become addicted to situations in life, whether it be the “high” of high-speed driving or as mundane as some comforting repetitive situation such as watching a favourite “soap” on television.
The degree of personal danger and excitement is different, but the same factors are active in the background. White Dead Nettle helps us to detach ourselves from emotional addiction. It does not mean we have to give up our favourite television watching, merely that we do not get so emotionally entangled

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