Wild Mallow

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Malva sylvestris
For helping to free us from energies that otherwise tend to possess us.
Within each of us there can be hidden possessive energies that try to control our life. These energies may originally relate to our parents who tried to dominate our lives, or to others who would try to control, and so “possess” us.
Wild Mallow brings these hidden possessive energies to the surface where we can see them. They can then be identified for what they really are, and in that revelation they lose their power over us. It is as if this essence tightens us up inside so that what is affecting us can be expelled. Rather like wringing out a cloth, the negative possessing energies are wrung out by Wild Mallow. For many people this may be the most important part of the combination essence Liberation.
Seeing the reality of what is affecting us automatically empowers us. It is always the things hidden in the shadows, where we cannot see them, that cause the most problems.

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