Wood Deficient

Presenting Qualities
Lack of control, inability to plan, poor judgment, poor co-ordination, vacillation, no anger - doormat and no life/soul purpose.
Syringa vulgaris Massena
Lilac helps those people who have had their mental, and sometimes physical, growth restricted. Very often this will have been caused by an over-dominant parent or teacher imposing their own views on this person. Lilac encourages them to make their own decisions and be their own person.
{slide=Lily of the Valley|green}
Convallaria majalis
Lily of the Valley is concerned with yearning, spending time and energy in trying to attain the impossible. This essence helps us to see beyond our present views and so have much broader visions and insights.
Quercus robur
Oak mirrors quiet power and resolution. It helps to give us the strength and determination to press on with what lies ahead of us. It helps to give us the confidence to find our own way in the world.
Saponaria ocymoides
Soapwort reflects our difficulties when we seem completely lost in life. It helps to bring the quiet insight which is needed for us to see in which direction we should be heading.
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Scilla verna
Spring Squill gives a boost in energy to energize change and to help us feel comfortable in our new circumstances after breakthrough to a new life direction.
{slide=Welsh Poppy|green}
Meconopsis cambrica
Welsh Poppy is the flower for those who seem to have lost their way. It is as if they have been bewitched, losing their drive and inspiration. Welsh Poppy helps us to restart our travels along our life's path.

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