The counterpart of the Yin essence, this is intended to assist the growth and balance of Yang energies so that they serve, rather than dominate, the being. Most of the components of the Yin and Yang composites have now been combined to make the Yin/Yang Balancer.
Tropaeolum majus
Nasturtium helps at times when we need to make adjustments in our view of the world. There may be problems such as male pride if Yang is dominant.
{slide=Red Clover|green}
Trifolium pratense
Red Clover encourages communication between the left and right brain. It is essential that Yang becomes open to suggestions from the intuitive Yin to enable ease in our being and relationships.
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Picea omorica
Siberian Spruce promotes the positive male aspects of strength, steadfastness, protectiveness, uprightness, openness and outgoingness.
Taxus baccata
Yew promotes resilience and flexibility because when a person becomes too rigid, it can make them domineering and dogmatic.

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