Petasites hybridus
For blocked-off self-love, and not realizing one's own inherent goodness.
The Butterbur essence relates to self-esteem and personal power. Many people who are working on their own personal growth can suddenly block off at some point. This usually happens when they get a glimpse of the awesome power that is beginning to open up within themselves. If they have always shied away from power - refusing to accept their rightful place in the world - then they may be very fearful that their power will become destructive as it develops.
Butterbur personalities fail to recognize their own innate goodness - the Kingdom of God within. Instead, they have the feeling that, if they go on developing their powers, they could inflict damage on other people. Lack of self-esteem and trust in themselves lies behind such difficulties. Perhaps there are childhood memories of being labeled “wicked” or “naughty”. Perhaps they were not truly loved as children and so lack the self-confidence that such love brings. Perhaps they believed that they were “born in sin” or that they were “miserable sinners” (both corrupt interpretations of the original biblical texts). All of these can have a very negative effect on self-esteem.
Butterbur helps to dissolve these feelings of self-distrust, revealing our innate power and spiritual birthright. Opening up to a much greater vision of the world, and one’s rightful place in it, is the message of this essence.

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