Ranunculus acris
For those who find it difficult to let the sunshine into their lives.
Helps one to let go of embittered feelings. This is for those who need to open up and let the sunshine into their lives. Often they have a sunny nature that has been suppressed. Because of their experiences, however, they may well have developed a negative, jaundiced view of the world. Indeed, they might have become habitual cynics, always ascribing negative motives to any good deed performed by others. These are people who have been badly treated in the past and their confidence in others has been severely shaken. Perhaps they had put their trust in someone and then had it betrayed.
This flower can therefore be very helpful for the skeptic or cynic, the person who looks for ulterior motives (real or imaginary) in the actions of other people. Signs of this tendency sometimes show in such things as telling jokes that have a hidden cutting edge to them.
Buttercup is for people who have lost trust in others and who need to let more light and warmth into their life. From that point of ease they can then open up to others without prejudice. The lovely Buttercup is the flower that puts us in touch with the flame of loving-kindness that lies within each of us. We can then see people as they really are, warts and all, but with love and compassion and without judgment.
It is one of the flowers for the heart centre of the body.

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