Most, if not all of us have difficulties in life that have their roots in our childhood experiences and conditioning. They can last right through our adult lives. The difficulty is that these deeply implanted conditioned patterns can even take over our lives from time to time, depending on what triggers them. We can then behave completely out of character, afterwards having to deal with the consequence of our actions. This composite essence helps us to “come up to date” by gradually dissolving those old patterns.

Pteridium aquilinum
Bracken helps us to escape from a habitual role of playing the subservient child, always feeling dominated by others. It works to empower us to make our own assessments in life and take responsibility for our actions.

Valeriana officinalis
Valerian is for those who lacked love early in life and end up playing the lost child, always seeking comfort and support from others. They are disempowered in their lives as they always are looking to please others. They do not usually know who they really are or what they really want.

Sinapis arvensis
Charlock is for the people who do not really want to grow up. They see adult life as threatening and want a world where everything is good and predictable. They believe that if they are good to others, everyone will be good to them. This makes them a target for all kinds of predators, including con-men. Charlock helps ease us out of those attitudes of mind so that we can discover the very real benefits of being a mature adult.

Allium sphaerocephalum L.
Round-Headed Leek helps to bring repressed energies to the surface so that we can see that what happened to the child did not happen to the adult, thus resolving old hurts that have been deeply hidden.

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