This essence is for when we feel confused and seem to have lost track of where we should be heading. When this happens our minds tend to be over active, trying to find a way out, yet continually coming up against obstacles. This composite essence helps us to relax and take a more detached view of our present difficulties.

Quercus robur                                                                                 

Oak is included to counter the overactive mind, decreasing the obsessive tension that so often blocks our clarity of vision. It helps us to take a calmer view of life, to see things in a more detached way.

Chamaenerion angustifolium
Rosebay Willowherb helps to keep us grounded, less likely to be blown about by every wind of change. It counters the characteristic confusion that can make us keep trying endless new things rather than settling down and looking carefully at our present surroundings.

Digitalis purpurea
Foxglove is for those of us who have lost our bearings and sense of direction. This can make us very despondent and cause us to lose all our fire and drive. This essence helps us to handle our difficulties more easily, freeing us from the emotional entanglements that we have built up.

Saponaria ocymoides
Soapwort is the essence for bewilderment and confusion, that “what the hell am I doing here?” sort of feeling. This feeling often arises when we are developing spiritually and begin seeing things in a different light, but the conditioned old patterns still try to control our life. Soapwort helps us to “wash away” old outmoded ideas and concepts.

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