Early Purple Orchid

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Orchis mascula
For unblocking the energy centres in the body and protecting any vulnerable spaces so created.
This essence is concerned with helping us to get in touch with our true nature. It can be particularly helpful when old patterns are falling away and the new ways of being have not become firmly established. At these times we can feel weakened by a loss of personal identity. It is then that we are vulnerable and can easily fall back into the negativity of outmoded ways, just because they are familiar. Often we may prefer to polish the bars of our cage rather than fly away through the open cage door!
Early Purple Orchid begins to dissolve the blocks which are impeding our progress, whilst bringing harmony to the mind-body-spirit. It helps to open the channels of communication within us, including blocked chakras. Because these blocked areas distort our main energy flows, they can and do affect our lives. Often we may be quite unaware of these patterns asserting themselves. Sometimes this essence can greatly assist the action of another, more specific, essence. For example, Milk Thistle, for a blocked-off ability to love, is enhanced by Early Purple Orchid.
Similarly, it can be very helpful to use it with the Transition composite, when someone is having difficulty in allowing new energies into their life.

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