Pyrancantha atalantioides
This remedy is concerned with balancing up the fire energy within a person. This unbalance can be due to long-suppressed emotions.
Firethorn is the essence for helping us to balance our energies. Many people with unstable energies have problems arising from suppressed emotions. A typical Firethorn pattern is where suppressed emotions (often caused by old conditionings) build up and stay hidden until they finally explode. After this violent release of energy has taken place, people often panic and retreat within themselves. This can lead to an alternating energy pattern of blowing hot and cold, making life very difficult for others.
Firethorn people may also be over-emotionally involved in what they do: they may become very possessive about their work or expect everyone else to live up to excessively high standards. The energy needs to be appropriate for the matter in hand, not too little and not too much.
Firethorn helps to bring balance and a more mature attitude to handling life so that the energies can ebb and flow as they are needed. The result is greater tranquility and ease. Once the energies have stabilized, the underlying cause or causes of the instability can usually be seen. From here it is much easier to see how to deal with them, though in many cases we find that they have already been resolved!

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