Flowering Currant

Ribes sanguineum
For those who have lost heart but still keep going. Often they feel that they are facing inevitable defeat.
Flowering Currant is for those who feel that they are facing inevitable defeat in some part of their life. They have largely lost heart but they still have the energy and courage to keep on going. The emotional pressure will have made them feel twisted and collapsed, yet they still try to protect the spark that keeps them going. Indeed, their physical bodies may have twisted in response to the mental pressures.
The real problem with people in this state is that they do not recognize their own strength and the power of their insight. They find it difficult to look directly at what opposes them. Often they are so frightened or intimidated that, like children, they try to hide their faces, hoping it will all go away.
Flowering Currant helps with the discovery of personal power, thereby bringing the confidence to face up to opposition. It is only by fearlessly looking directly at opposing forces that we can see how to deflect or overcome them. Even when things are not so extreme, Flowering Currant can be very helpful. It encourages us to let go of fears and to open up to the reality of our present situation.

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