Grounding Essence

Sometimes we lose our connection to the earth and feel spaced out. We need to be firmly grounded in the present. This essence is an excellent on to carry when travelling especially in any moving vehicle. It is also excellent for practitioner who can use it with patients who become disoriented during treatment.

Orchid mascula
Early Purple Orchid stabilizes the energies in the body. When we are under stress, some of our energies can shut down and cause us to feel out-of-touch with the world. This essence helps rebalance our energies whilst protecting us from any outside disturbing influences.

Hedera helix
Ivy has the property of being firmly rooted in the ground. The Ivy essence mirrors this and helps us to keep firmly in contact with the world around us. When we are under stress there is often a tendency to detach from the world, sometimes feeling faint. Ivy counteracts this and brings us back down to earth.

Salvia fruticosa
Mediterranean Sage is included because of its warm homely properties. This essence reminds us of the feelings of relaxing in a safe warm home environment where we can relax and rebuild our energies.

Ornithogalum arabica
Star of Bethlehem helps to counteract shock reactions, whether sudden or built up over a period of time. Shock can have a very serious effect on both mind and body. This essence helps those feelings to lessen and dissipate. In so doing it enables the other essences to work at their full potential.
This essence is invaluable for use when travelling, particularly long-distance. In addition it can be very useful to practitioners for helping to keep clients relaxed and at peace. In this latter case it may well be helpful to use the Tranquility composite at the same time.

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